RF Controlled Motor & Curtain Track

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For custom track sizes please select the higher available size track and during the checkout process enter the exact size that you need and we will ensure to assemble the track to the requested length, (Example, to request a 285cm track select the 300cm track from the options and note the actual required size of 285cm in the additional notes section when purchasing). Tracks with bends will be adjusted by 3cm to allow for the brackets to be fitted correctly to the wall or ceiling.

For information on measuring your required curtain track length or on how to measure for multiple tracks and bays please visit our guides section.


This RF Motorised Curtain Track is one of our classic and easiest home automation motors, the RF motorised curtain and track are based on a 3 wire system that can wire directly into a 13Amp and is paired with the selected RF remote with the click of three buttons.

These modern and elegant motorised curtain tracks are made of high-quality electronic motors and 2.5mm aluminium tracks, the running mechanism is pulled on a hi-grade rubber belt.

The RF curtain motor can be controlled via the supplied remote control or be integrated into a home automation system with the use of an RF bridge.

RF Motorised Curtain Track Quiet OperationQuiet Design
Specially designed with insulation to help reduce the operating noise of the motor to under 30dB.

RF Motorised Curtain TrackRemote Control
RF Control integration allows for ease of use and mobility. This unit is compatible with a range of remote controls with Single Channel, Multi-Channel and Timer options.

RF Motorised Curtain Track Automatic LimitingAutomatic Limiting
Auto learning electronic limits help simplify calibration during installation and ensures that the motor maintains accuracy of its operation over time.

RF Motorised Curtain Track Obstruction DetectionObstruction Detection
Help protect your curtain against snags and catches with Obstruction Detection, during operation if the curtain is pulled the motor will stop.

RF Motorised Curtain Track Light touchLight Touch Start
Can’t find your remote? no problem! with Light touch start just tug on the curtain to initiate the automatic operation of open or close.

RF Motorised Curtain Track Manual OverrideManual Override
Even in the event of a power failure, it is still possible to manually open and close the curtain by pulling it open or closed.

RF Motorised Curtain Track Home Automation IntegrationHome Automation Integration
Able to integrate into home automation systems that use the 433Mhz RF control

For information on measuring for your required electric curtain track or on how to measure for multiple tracks and bends please visit our guides section.

Note: The RF motorised curtain rail comprises of a 3 wire system.


Additional information



Rated Power


Max Curtain Weight


Opening Speed

20cm Per Sec


Three Wire (Earth, Neutral, Power)

3 reviews for RF Controlled Motor & Curtain Track

  1. Paul N

    Ordered this last week. It has a real modern look and feel, I especially like the 90 degree angles, they are the best ive managed to find online and it fits really well into my bay window. thanks

  2. Josef

    Cool system, ordered two for the sitting room and they arrived within 2 days. Got a 15 channel remote so can control both with the same remote, another simple but nice feature is that they supply these plastic hooks so you can wrap the end of the curtain around the end of the track and motor and it hides the motor..

  3. Roger L

    M-systems can pride itself, both on its products and its service to its clients.

    Firstly, the service. I have recently ordered and fitted three motorised curtain tracks. The first one I fitted needed advice from Adrian at M-systems because I had failed to read the instructions fully. Unusually, the email from M-systems informing me of the progress of my order allowed a reply facility. My query was answered immediately with the information I needed to proceed. The second and third systems also presented problems due to the inaccuracy of the Chinese produced instruction sheet. Again, my plea for help was answered rapidly, and with a revised instruction sheet which was written in good English and which resolved my problem. Full marks for outstanding service with no hassle.

    Now the product. The curtain rails were easy to assemble and relatively easy to install. You will need some skill at DIY, and a second pair of hands when fitting the track to the brackets. (Having said that, I managed to fit three sets on my own, and that at the age of 84.) The track quality is very good and robust, the motor more than adequate for the task and the controllers (mine were timers as well) were easy to programme with the additional instructions provided in response to ,my emails. In use, the systems have proved to perform reliably and consistently. I can fully recommend the product.

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