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For custom track sizes please select the higher available size track and during the checkout process enter the exact size that you need and we will ensure to assemble the track to the requested length, (Example, to request a 285cm track select the 300cm track from the options and note the actual required size of 285cm in the additional notes section when purchasing). Tracks with bends will be adjusted by 3cm to allow for the brackets to be fitted correctly to the wall or ceiling.

For information on measuring your required curtain track length or on how to measure for multiple tracks and bays please visit our guides section.


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Complete motorised curtain track set, this curtain track system is for our customers who are real home automation enthusiasts, allowing for integration into almost any third-party system, the 4 wire motor consists of individual wires for directional control, this means it can be wired into a 3rd party WiFi, ZWave, Zigbee, Lightwave or even KNX actuator, subsequently the control options are only limited to the system that you integrate to.

This modern and elegant motorised curtain track set is made of high quality electronics and comes with our standard 2.5mm aluminum tracks, the running mechanism is pulled on a hi-grade rubber belt and with various options of control its one of the most versatile products on today’s market.

The standard curtain motor can be controlled via a wall switch or integrated into any home automation system with the use of a control module.

Motorised Curtain Track Quiet operationQuiet Design
Specially designed with insulation to help reduce the operated noise of the motor to under 30dB.

Motorised Curtain Track Automatic LimitingAutomatic Limiting
Auto learning electronic limits help simplify calibration during installation and ensures that the motor maintains accuracy of its operation over time.

Motorised Curtain Track Obstruction DetectionObstruction Detection
Help protect your curtain against snags and catches with Obstruction Detection, during operation if the curtain is pulled the motor will stop.

Motorised Curtain Track Manual OverrideManual Override
Even in the event of a power failure, it is still possible to manually open and close the curtain by pulling it open or closed.

Motorised Curtain Track Home Automation IntegrationHome Automation Integration
Able to integrate into home automation systems by using Z-Wave roller blind or curtain control modules and other systems.

Motorised Curtain Track Wall SwitchWall Switch
For use with a high current wall switch

For information on supported weight, measuring your required curtain track length or on how to measure for multiple tracks and bends please visit our guides section.

Please note: as the standard motors are usually used for integration with home automation systems we have not provided any controls/switches, however if you require a reboundable switch this can be found here

The Standard motor comprises of a 4 wire system.


Additional information



Rated Power


Max Curtain Weight


Opening Speed

20cm Per Sec


Four Wire (Earth, Neutral, Power Direction 1 & Power Direction 2)

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  1. Sjors S

    Ordered this product after useful feedback from Adrian (sales & customer interaction) about which motor would be best to connect to my Samsung Smartthings setup. Package arrived promptly, but had been slightly damaged during transport. Adrian sent me a replacement piece the very next day, and then helped me over the telephone (!) to change it into the otherwise fully assembled product. Overall installation was smooth, the product feels ‘sturdy’, feedback from the (family) company was excellent, and the system now works well through a Fibaro roller shutter (FGR222) and my Samsung ST app.

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